woensdag 27 augustus 2008

The Artist

Life goes on and stupid shit keeps happening. That's like my fairytale. Life going on and shit that just keeps happening. The ultimate fairytale; my life. My "once upon a time" will never end with "happily ever after". I'll always eat the poisened apple given by the witch, who's beautiful at first sight because of a magical spell but eventually changes back into her original ugly self.
Unfortunately I wont faint and just sleep forever. I'll just get poisened and get fucked forever. If only there were 7 dwarfs or something, that would be fun. There are no freaking dwarfs either. Don't mind that the orginal script is played by a chick, just imagine a man getting poisened and playing with dwarfs (not gay-ish of course) .

Thank you aiding people! Bless you responsible ones! Hoera for the biggest turd; me! Hail the crap that's screwed up my life. Hail the upcoming shit.

2 opmerkingen:

Yunus zei

Ik ga er vanuit dat de stukken die je schrijft enigszins een weerspiegeling is van je dagelijks leven. Daarom ben ik ook heel benieuwd wie je associeert met the witch. :P

ErsinB zei

Het staat open voor eigen interpretaties, no comment :D.