dinsdag 2 december 2008


It has been confirmed!
Departure on the 8th of February.
Return on the 20th of March.
Destination well-known:
Istanbul & Izmir.


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mey. zei

hm 20 mart güzel bi tarih evet. :idi:

ليلى zei

Brand new episode from ‘day of our lives’.
While Ersin and his ‘homey’ are travelling in Turkey, which I by the way detest them for, and try to flirt with some local girls and probably will left disused anyway, I will have to bear my own suffering and pull through after a agonizing surgery. In which Lords name did you ever made this kind of decision without even considering me myself and I? Dare thee leaving me after in the darkest era? My can not abide thou’s aloofness so I urge the obliged craving in thou egocentricity and wish thee the most splendid and extraordinary episode of thou’s life.

I will sustain this torching path and prepare myself for my long abiding sabbatical in Barçelona. :idi:

ErsinB zei

Did you ever considered taking me with you big sista? You travel like 15 times a year or something. I "kínama" thee for thou "acgozluluk".
Wish you all the luck with your surgery though. And have fun in Barca, far from your known life and Me&Ibo. You'll miss us we know :kahraman18

ليلى zei
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ليلى zei

On a twisted way I have always managed to spare some thoughts your way, so you could enjoy my trips as well.. You didn't even bother to consider that thought.. :yavoesz

(btw, what tha heck is a hero smiley? I can let my fantasy do its own running about this matter, but I don't think that would be a good idea though.. one will never be ready for what that will bring us.. especially today, right!)

Asuman zei

Götür beni de gittigin yere :'(