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War Against Humanity

Qur'an: AL-BAQARAH (2)

11- And when they are told, "Do not spread corruption on earth," they answer, "We are but improving things!"

12- Oh, verily, it is they, they who are spreading corruption but they perceive it not.

Western justice
Is that because their voice is loud
And with their hands cover your eyes
That you can't see the mourning crowd
And you hear nothing but their lies
Look how their victim is accused
Of threatening peace, of terrorism
While their butcher is excused
For slaughtering people, for racism

Let them steal my home, my land
And kill my kids in their genocide
Go on give them your generous hand
And be proud you're on their side

But plead no more for democracy
Or the right of people for freedom
Drop down that mask of hypocrisy
you lost credibility years to come

You dare say in God you trust
And have the cheek to pretend
But the Lord is fair and just
And tyranny one day will end

Like a river of pain the tears are flowing,
when the tanks are coming and the death rates are growing.

Children are screaming, women are tearful,
leaders are quiet and our men are fearful.

The murder, the torture the game called 'war'.
The ones who care and the ones who ignore.

Injustice and greed, revenge that we bleed,
The sound and feel of the fight.

The souls that are weeping as our Ummah lay sleeping
Lets just say it'll be alright.
8- As for such of the unbelievers, as do not fight against you on account of [your] faith, and neither drive you forth from your homelands, God does not forbid you to show them kindness and to behave towards them with full equity: for, verily, God loves those who act equitably.
9- God only forbids you to turn in friendship towards such as fight against you because of [your] faith, and drive you forth from your homelands, or aid [others] in driving you forth: and as for those [from among you] who turn towards them in friendship; it is they, they who are truly wrongdoers!
40- But [remember that an attempt at] requiting evil may, too, become an evil: hence, whoever pardons [his foe] and makes peace, his reward rests with God - for, verily, He does not love evildoers.
41- Yet indeed, as for any who defend themselves after having been wronged - no blame whatever attaches to them:
42- blame attaches but to those who oppress [other] people and behave outrageously on earth, offending against all right: for them there is grievous suffering in store!
Fuck the oppressors!
Fuck the Zionists!

Fuck the extreme "Islamic" provokers!
Fuck the Hamas!

Fuck those who don't care!
Fuck those who ignore!
Fuck Me and everyone else who'll yell but won't act!

Fuck the War Against "Terrorism"!
Fuck the War Against "Infidels"!
Fuck the War Against Humanity!


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Nizar Qabbani: I am with Terrorism

We are accused of terrorism:
if we defended rose and woman
and the mighty verse ...
and the blueness of sky ...
A homeland .. nothing left therein...
No water, no air ..
No tent, no camel,
and not even dark Arabica coffee!!

We are accused of terrorism:
if we defended with guts
the hair of Balqis
and the lips of Maysun
if we defended Hind, and Da`d
Lubna and Rabab ..
and the stream of Kohl (eye liner)
coming down from their lashes like the verses of revelation.
You will not find with me
a secret poem
or a secret logos
or books I put behind doors.
I do not even have one poem
walking down the street, wearing Hijab. (head scarf)

We are accused of terrorism
If we dare to write about the remains of a homeland
That is scattered in pieces and in decay
In decadence and disarray
About a homeland that is searching for a place
And about a nation that no longer has a face

About a homeland that has nothing left of its great ancient verse
But that of wailing and eulogy

About a homeland that has nothing in its horizons
Of freedoms of different types and ideology

About a homeland that forbids us from buying a newspaper
Or listen to anything
About a homeland where all birds are always not allowed to sing
About a homeland that out of horror, its writers are using invisible ink

About a homeland that resembles poetry in our country
Improvised, imported, loose and of no boundaries
Of foreign tongue and soul
Detached from Man and Land, ignoring their plight as a whole

About a homeland that goes to peace talks
Without a dignity or shoes

About a homeland
That no more has steadfast men
With only women therein

Bitterness is in our mouths in our talk in our eyes
Will draught also plague our souls as a legacy passed to us
from ancient times?

Our nation has nobody left, even the less glorified
No one to say "NO" in the face of those who gave up our
home bread and butter
Turning our colorful history into a circus

We have not a single honest poem
That has not lost its virginity in a ruler's bed

We grew accustomed to humiliation
Then what is left of Man
If he is comfortable with that?

I search the books of history
For men of greatness to deliver us from darkness
To save our women from fires' brutality

I search for men of yesterday
But all I find is frightened cats
Fearing for their souls
From the authority of rats

Are we hit by national blindness
Or are we blind to colours?

We are accused of terrorism
If we refuse to perish
Under Israeli tyranny
That is hampering our unity
Our history
Our Bible and our Quran
Our prophets' land
If that is our sin and crime
Then terrorism is fine

We are accused of terrorism
If we refuse to be wiped out
By barbarians, the Mongols or the Jews
If we choose to stone the fragile security council
Which was sacked by the king of caesuras

We are accused of terrorism
If we refuse to negotiate the wolf
And reach out for a whore

America is fighting the cultures of Man
Because it lacks one
And against the civilizations because it needs one
It is a gigantic structure but without a wall

We are accused of terrorism
If we refuse current times
Where America the arrogant the mighty the rich
Became a sworn interpreter of Hebrew.

We are accused of terrorism:
if we throw a rose
to Jerusalem
to al-Khalil
to Ghazza
to an-Nasirah
if we took bread and water
to beleaguered Troy.

We are accused of terrorism
if we defended the land
and the dignity of the soil
if we revolted against the rape of the nation and that of ourselves
if we defended the last palm trees in our desert
the last stars in our sky
the last syllabi of our names
the last milk in our mothers' bossoms
if this was our sin
how wonderful is terrorism.

I am with terrorism
if it can save me
from the immigrants from Russia
Romania, Hungaria, and Poland

They settled in Palestine
set foot on our shoulders
to steal the minarets of al-Quds
and the door of Aqsa
to steal the arabesques
and the domes.

I am with terrorism
if it will free the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth,
and the virgin, Meriam Betula
and the holy city
from the ambassadors of death and desolation

The nationalist street was fervent
like a wild horse.
The rivers were abundant with the spirit of youth.

But after Olso,
we no longer have teeth:
Have we turned into a nation of blinds and dumbs?

We are accused of terrorism:
if we defended with full-force
our poetic heritage
our national wall
the civilisation of the rose
the culture of flutes in our mountains
and the mirrors displaying blackened eyes.

We are accused of terrorism:
if we defended what we wrote
the blueness of our sea
and the aroma of ink
if we defended the freedom of the word
and the holiness of books

I am with terrorism
if it is able to free a people
from tyrants and tyranny
if it is able to save man from the cruelty of man
to return lemon, olive tree, and bird to the South of Lebanon
and the smile back to Golan

I am with terrorism
if it will save me
from the Ceasar of the Jews
and the Ceasar of Rome

I am with terrorism
as long as this new world order
is shared
between America and Israel

I am with terrorism
with all my poetry
with all my words
and all my teeth
as long as this new world
is in the hands of a butcher.

I am with terrorism
if it is the U.S. Senate
that enacts judgement
and decrees reward and punishment

I am with terrorism
as long this new world order
has classified us as flies

I am with terrorism
as long as the new world order
wants to slaughter my off-spring.
and send them to dogs.

For all this
I raise my voice high:

I am with terrorism
I am with terrorism
I am with terrorism ...

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