vrijdag 2 januari 2009


Butters: Eric, what's going on? Everyone's starting to say you got detention on purpose to get out of fighting Wendy
Eric Cartman
: What? That's ridiculous!
Butters: But some people think you crapped on the teacher's desk to get out of the fight!
Eric Cartman
: That's not why I did it!
: Then why'd you crap on Garrison's desk?
Eric Cartman: Because, I'm hardcore! Y'know, I'm anti establishment, that's how I roll dawgs, I do hardcore stuff like that!
: That's what I said! I told everyone outside "Cartman ain't scared of fighting Wendy, he'd do it if he could!"
Eric Cartman
: Damn straight! I just got all punk rock, and got detention y'know, I'm just a bad dude!

Hilarisch Cartman's non-verbale lichaamstaal hahaha. Anti-establishment, hoe komen ze daar op.
Southpark is echt mijn number one antidepressivum.


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