zaterdag 10 januari 2009

S.D. "The Face of War"

Salvador Dali - Visage of War

This work was painted between the end of the Spanish Civil War and beginning of the Second World War.

The painting depicts a disembodied face hovering against a barren desert landscape. The face is withered like that of a corpse and wears an expression of misery. In its mouth and eye sockets are identical faces. In their mouths and eyes are more identical faces in a process implied to be infinite. Swarming around the large face are biting serpents. In the lower right corner is a hand print that Dalí insisted was left by his own hand. Descharnes described the painting as having "eyes filled with infinite death,"referring to the recursive effect set in motion by self-similarity.

Source: Wikipedia


Painted in 1940 when there was war and mass murder. Anno 2009, there's still mass murder going on; infinite death didn't stop. The miserable face of the corpse - the visage of war - sees only death, speaks only death, and reflected in his eyes are the corpses whose eyes and mouths are also filled with death(*). In 1940 it was the face of Spain and Germany, now it's the face of Palestina. After Palestina it'll be an other. Who's next and when will it stop?


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